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The main machine of constant voltage variable frequency water supply equipment adopts international advanced variable frequency governor, which has the protection functions of under-voltage, over-voltage, lack of phase, over-current, overload, short circuit, overheating, stall prevention, etc., with more than 100,000 hours of trouble-free operation. Equipment introduction The main machine of constant voltage variable frequency water supply equipment adopts international advanced variable frequency governor, which has the protection functions of under-voltage, over-voltage, lack of phase, over-current, overload, short circuit, overheating, stall prevention, etc., with more than 100,000 hours of trouble-free operation. The power distribution control part of the equipment adopts the intelligent control principle, easy to operate and practical, the working condition of the equipment is clear, easy for non-professionals to master quickly. Constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment is an ideal water supply equipment system with complete protection functions, safe and reliable operation and convenient operation. Equipment installation The installation of constant voltage variable frequency water supply equipment should be in a well-ventilated place with little dust and no humidity, and the ambient humidity should be -10℃ to 40℃. In the outdoor should be set up against rain, lightning and other facilities. The detailed installation site requirements set out by the Water Supply Extension Centre are as follows: A) Indoor installation, ambient temperature :0~50°C (no freezing); B) Relative humidity :≤ 90%(20°C), no condensation; C) Altitude :≤ 1000m D) The operating place of the equipment shall be free from conductive or explosive dust, gas, dust or steam that corrodes metal or damages insulation. E) Water quality: domestic water quality shall conform to the provisions of GB5749, and production water quality shall conform to the corresponding process requirements. F) Keep away from heat sources such as electric furnaces and places with vibration or impact. After selecting the site, it is necessary to deal with the foundation, casting with concrete or building with masonry tank support seat. After the base is completely solidified, lift and stabilize the tank, then install the accessories and switch on the power supply. Usage Before the trial, the water supply valve should be closed, check the sealing valve, leakage is not allowed, after opening, should pay attention to the pump steering. When the pressure gauge pointer reaches the upper limit, the pump automatically stops. Open the water supply valve, you can supply water normally. If you need regular water supply, you can turn the selector switch to manual position. In the use of constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment, the user's water consumption is often changing, so the situation of insufficient or excessive water supply often occurs. According to the data of "Water Supply Equipment Promotion Center", the imbalance between water use and water supply is mainly reflected in the pressure of water supply, that is, more water and less water supply, the pressure is low; Less water and more water, the pressure is high. Keeping the pressure constant improves the quality of the water supply by maintaining a balance between water supply and water use, i.e., more water is supplied when there is more water and less water is supplied when there is less water. Equipment maintenance Constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment pump unit should be regularly checked, regular maintenance and lubricating oil filling. If leakage is found in centrifugal pump and check valve, flange screws should be tightened or asbestos root should be replaced in time, and the bolts at the bottom of the pump should not be loosened to prevent damage to the machine. If the tank is found to fall off the paint, paint maintenance should be timely, in order to prolong the service life. Constant voltage frequency conversion water supply equipment electrical automatic control system, should be waterproof, dustproof, often check the insulation of the line, whether the connection bolt loose and intact fuse, etc. It is best to cover the outside of the pressure gauge with transparent material to prevent damage. Characteristics of the equipment 1. Water supply pipe network pressure stability: the equipment is composed of microcomputer automatic closed-loop control, can make the change of pressure back to normal within 0.5 seconds, pressure adjustment accuracy is ±5% of the set value. 2. Complete water supply function and high insurance coefficient: in case of partial failure of equipment, emergency function can be used to continue water supply. The equipment can be connected to the municipal water supply network automatically, and has double constant pressure function, that is, it can meet the normal pressure and flow of living and production water, and it can be automatically converted to high pressure and large flow water supply when there is fire, and it can be used in one machine. 3.Energy saving and environmental protection: directly connected with tap water pipe network in series, and can make full use of the original pressure of municipal pipe network, can achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption. According to the professional survey data of "water supply equipment promotion Center", electricity saving can reach 50%~90%. Recycling the water in the water tank can avoid water pollution. working principle Through the pressure sensor installed in the outlet pipe net, outlet pressure signal into standard 4-20 ma signal into PID controller, the operation compared with the given pressure, it is concluded that a more parameters, send to inverter, the inverter control motor speed, the control system of water supply, to keep the pressure of water supply pipe net on the given pressure, When the water consumption exceeds the water supply of a pump, the pump is added by PLC control switch. According to the size of water consumption, PLC controls the increase and decrease of the number of working pumps and the speed regulation of the pump by the inverter to achieve constant pressure water supply. When the water supply load changes, the voltage and frequency of the input motor also change, thus forming a closed-loop control system based on the set pressure. In addition, the system also has a variety of protection functions, fully ensure the timely maintenance of the pump and normal water supply system. Working principle system picture of constant pressure water supply equipment Way to work Automatic mode of operation Automatic mode is a working mode under normal water supply condition. Generally speaking, when the customer chooses this way after the normal water supply, when the automatic way works, all the different water supply requirements of the pipe network will be under the effective control of the secondary water supply equipment, and a variety of functions will be adapted to work. Manual operation mode The operation mode is a working mode for automatic working mode failure, emergency setting for the user, the working mode is completely the simplest way to start, this way in the operation panel directly start and stop any pump motor, generally only in the case of automatic failure or debugging is used. Scope of application 1, high-rise buildings, residential areas, villas and other residential water. 2, enterprises and institutions, hotels, office buildings, department stores, large saunas, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, golf courses, airports and other places of daily water. 3, production and manufacturing, washing equipment, food industry, factories, industrial and mining production water. 4, others: old pool water supply and other forms of water supply transformation. Technical data The power supply voltage: 380/400/415/440/460/480/500 vac 3 phase + / - 10%; Power frequency :35-50Hz Control connection :2 programmable analog inputs (AI); 1 programmable analog output (AO); Five programmable digital inputs (DI); Two programmable digital outputs (DO). Continuous load capacity :150% In, 1 minute allowed every 10 minutes Serial communication capability: the standard RS-485 interface enables the frequency converter to be easily connected to the computer. Protection features: overcurrent protection, I2t, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection, undervoltage buffer, motor undervoltage protection, blocking protection, serial communication fault protection, AI signal loss protection, etc. Compact appearance and easy installation. The products have been certified by various electrical safety standards, conforming to GE, UL and quality certification system ISO9001 and ISO4001, etc. The unique direct torque control (DTC) function of the inverter is the best motor control method at present. It can directly control the core variables of all AC motors, and achieve accurate control of motor speed and torque without speed feedback. ACS510 inverter built-in PID, PFC, pre-flux and other eight application macro, just select the required application macro, all the corresponding parameters will be automatically set, input and output terminals will be automatically configured, these preset application macro configuration greatly saves the debugging time, reduce errors.

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