ZJ type horizontal mine slurry pump

Flow: 25-600m³/h Head: 10-120m Rotation speed: 980-1460r/min Pump weight: 100-3700kg Motor power: 3-315kw Outlet diameter: 65-400mm

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ZJ type horizontal mine slurry pump is a single-stage single-suction centrifugal slurry pump. The pump body adopts an inner and outer bimetal structure. The pump casing is a vertical middle-open water outlet, which can be rotated at eight different positions at 45° intervals. Product Description ZJ type horizontal mine slurry pump is a single-stage, single-suction, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump, with high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance, suitable for electric power, metallurgy, Coal, building materials and other industries, the processing medium is abrasive or corrosive slurry containing solid particles, the solid-liquid mixed concentration of mortar is 45%, the slurry is 60%, and the medium temperature is ≤60°C, this type of pump can be multi-stage cascade use. Performance parameters Model Description of ZJ Horizontal Mine Slurry Pump such as 100ZJ-I-A36 100: The outlet diameter is 100mm ZJ: Slurry pump I: single-stage slurry pump, two-stage pump marked II A: Number of impeller blades. A is 5 pieces, B is 4 pieces, C is 3 pieces, F is 6 pieces 36: Impeller diameter 36cm Structural form and characteristics of ZJ horizontal mine slurry pump ZJ Mine Slurry Pump is a horizontal, vertical middle form, double pump shell structure slurry pump. The pump body and pump cover are equipped with replaceable metal linings, which are made of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy materials. The outlet direction of the pump can be rotated and installed at 8 angles. Bearing assembly: The bearing assembly of the pump adopts a cylindrical structure, which is convenient to adjust the gap between the impeller and the front guard, and can be disassembled as a whole during maintenance. Bearings are grease lubricated. Shaft seal (seal): The shaft seal types of the pump include packing seal, impeller seal and mechanical seal. There are also two types of shaft seals, the auxiliary impeller and packing combined seal and mechanical seal. (1) Auxiliary impeller dynamic seal: The auxiliary impeller seal utilizes the pressure generated by the impeller and the auxiliary impeller in series, and the packing or lip seal is used as a parking seal. When the positive pressure value of the pump inlet is not greater than 10% of the pump outlet pressure value, the single-stage pump or the first-stage pump of multi-stage series series can adopt this sealing form. It can run without shaft seal water, does not dilute the pulp, and has the characteristics of good sealing effect. But it will increase the power consumption (generally need to increase about 5% of the shaft power). Packing seal is a common form of shaft seal, which is suitable for various working conditions. It can be matched with special materials such as PTFE packing and graphite packing, and can be used in corrosive or high temperature conditions. It has the advantages of simple structure and convenient maintenance. (2) Mechanical seal: The international leading sealing technology is adopted, and the sealing effect is good. The cartridge structure makes installation and replacement more convenient, and different structural forms adapt to different working conditions. The friction pair materials are made of high-hardness ceramics and alloys. The design and cooperation of the mechanical seal and the sealing box are in line with the flow state of the medium, so they have high wear resistance and shock resistance, and can guarantee customer satisfaction under various harsh working conditions. Transmission mode: V-shaped V-belt transmission, elastic coupling transmission, gear reduction box transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, variable frequency drive device, thyristor speed regulation, etc. Among them, the V-belt transmission includes CL, CV, CR, ZL, ZV, ZR transmission. Overall performance: The pump has a wide performance range, good cavitation performance and high efficiency. Multi-stage serial technology can be used to meet long-distance transportation. Wetted parts are available in a variety of metals and with increased depth. A variety of speeds and variants are used to make the pump run at the optimum mine. It has a long service life and high operating efficiency, and can meet many kinds of harsh conveying conditions. Features: With the development and improvement of impurity pump technology, combined with user feedback experience, using modern fluid mechanics theory, modern mechanical theory, and computer software design technology; our company has launched ZJ series slurry pumps, which have a full range of models, It has the characteristics of wide coverage of performance conditions and convenient selection. The ZJ horizontal slurry pump has innovations in hydraulic design and structural design. The over-current components are made of self-developed high-chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron, which is very suitable for the coal mining industry. It has high efficiency, energy saving and long service life. Long, light weight, reasonable structure, reliable operation, low vibration, low noise, convenient maintenance and other notable features. The pump body adopts a double pump casing structure, which is convenient to replace the overcurrent parts; the outer pump casing is made of ductile iron or gray cast iron according to the pressure, and the inner pump casing is made of high-chromium anti-wear white cast iron or cast steel. Application scope of ZJ horizontal mine slurry pump ZJ series slurry pump is mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry and other industries, mainly used to transport abrasive slurry containing solid particles, such as processing of concentrate and tailings in concentrators, ash removal in power plants, Coal preparation plants transport coal slime and heavy medium coal preparation, coastal river mining operations transport ore slurry, etc. The maximum weight concentration of the slurry that it can handle is: 45% for mortar and 60% for ore slurry; it can be operated in series according to user needs.

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