IS horizontal single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump

Flow rate: 3.75-1080m³ / h Lift range: 4-128m Efficiency: 23% -85% Pump weight: 40-2,100 k g Motor power: 0.55-160kw Erosion allowance: 2.0-6.0m Price: 1,9-21,500

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Product overview Type IS horizontal single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, is a national jointly designed energy-saving pump, it is a new type of the BA type, BL type and other single-stage water centrifugal pump.Advantages include: the whole series of hydraulic performance layout is reasonable, wide user selection range, convenient maintenance; efficiency and suction range to reach the international average advanced level.This pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, or for agricultural drainage, irrigation and transporting clear water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water, and the temperature is not 80℃ high. Performance parameter Performance scope and model significance of IS horizontal single suction water centrifugal pump: Type IS single-stage pump has simple structure, reliable performance, small volume, light weight, good corrosion resistance, low power consumption, and uses the maintenance party. IS single stage pump is versatile, with 140 specifications, but only four axes; shaft, bearings, shaft seal, interchangeable, and only suspension of four pumps. The single-stage centrifugal pump turns into 2900 and 1450 rpm. Performance is as follows: 2900 rpm at 1450 rpm Maximum flow rate: 240 m 3 / min 400 m 3 / min Maximum total elevation: 125 m and 55 m Maximum speed: 3500 rpm (impeller diameter for 60 FM power) Maximum operating temperature: 80℃ Allow suction line pressure is 0.3MPa and the maximum service pressure of the pump is 1.6MPa. singgerpump (1) Structure characteristics of type IS horizontal single-stage single suction water centrifugal pump: Pump body, pump cover, 3, impeller, shaft, sealing ring, impeller nut, stop gasket, shaft sleeve, fill pressure cover, 10 packing ring, packing, suspension bearing parts. Type IS horizontal single-stage single suction water centrifugal pump is designed according to the performance and dimensions specified in the national standard ISO2858, mainly composed of pump body. singgerpump (2) (1), pump cover (2), impeller (3), shaft (4), sealing ring (5), shaft sleeve and suspension bearing parts (12). The IS horizontal single stage single suction water centrifugal pump is the rear open type, and the pump suction and discharge pipe are not removed when the pump cover and impeller are removed.The suspension is fitted with two ball bearings, lubricated with machine oil or grease.The pump is then directly driven by the electric motor through the elastic coupling.The vortex chamber, feet, inlet flange and outlet flange are cast into a whole. The pump body and the recording cover part of the type IS centrifugal pump are divided from the back side of the impeller, commonly known as the rear-door structure form.Its advantage is convenient maintenance, maintenance without the pump body, suction pipe, discharge pipe and motor, just remove the intermediate coupling, can exit the rotor parts for maintenance. The housing of the pump (i. e., the pump body and the pump cover) is transcribed into the pump studio, impeller, shaft and rolling bearing.Suspension bearing component supports the rotor parts of the pump, and the rolling bearing bears the radial and axial forces of the pump. To balance the axial force of the pumps, most pumps have the impeller front and rear

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